I want to sell my house in Tenerife
Frequently asked questions from the owners


What documents do I need to prepare for the sale of my property?

    Official title deeds / Updated simple land register excerpt
    Identity document of the owners
    IBI document of the property
    Energy efficiency certificate
    Certificate of habitation (cedula de habitabilidad) if it is a new property.
    Inheritance, if applicable

What is an energy efficiency certificate?

It is an indispensable document for renting or selling that the building classifies energy and calculates the annual energy consumption required to meet the energy needs under normal conditions of use and operation. The costs depend on the number of m2 of the property. The report is valid for 10 years.

What is a simple land register excerpt?

It is a document that informs the owners of the property, the legal and judicial status of a property and the economic obligations, if any, or any tax obligations exist. You can submit the application through our agency or in the Land Registry.

What are the costs of selling my property?

    Payment of community capital gains
    Payment of the financial advantage (implicit profit between purchase price + verifiable restructuring measures - selling price)
    The real estate fee calculation can be deducted as an expense before the payment of the financial benefit (plusvalia).