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I want to buy a property in Tenerife
Frequently asked questions from real estate buyers


What should I consider when choosing a property?

    Use the simple excerpt to check whether dunning charges are affecting the property
    What are the sanitary, electricity and drainage systems?
    Whether renovation work is required or has been carried out lately
    Energy efficiency certificate
    Certificate of living, if it is a new building
    If it is a residential complex, whether planned work or duties are pending

What is an energy performance certificate?

It is an indispensable document for those who rent or sell the property, which qualifies them as energy-efficient by calculating the annual energy consumption required to meet the energy needs under normal conditions of use and operation. The costs depend on the number of m2 of the property. The report is valid for 10 years.

What is a simple land register excerpt?

It is a document that informs the owners of the property, the legal and judicial status of a property and the economic obligations, if any, or any tax obligations exist. You can submit the application through our agency or in the Land Registry.

What costs do I have to buy a property?

Calculate approx. With 10% of the total purchase price.

    Notary fees (signature of purchase sale)
    Payment of IGIC or ITP taxes
    Management fees of the change of ownership
    Registration fees for the property in your name
    In the case of a mortgage, you have to bear the cost of opening the account depending on the type.

How much money do I need for a reservation of title?

The down payment agreement usually takes place at 10% of the agreed price.

Sometimes a proportional deposit between € 3,000 and € 5,000 is accepted while the deposit form is formalized.

What is the down payment agreement?
(arras penitenciales)

It is a contract that summarizes all the agreements between the parties to execute a contract of sale and at the same time constitutes an appeal, so that any of the parts that the buyer / seller can disassociate from the reservation contract is lost to the buyer or the buyer Doubling the refund for the one who received it. (Article 1454 of the Civil Code - Spain).

How can a real estate consultant help me?

    A professional knows the entire process from start to finish
    He will offer you the best options according to your needs and preferences
    Help you to see the pros and cons objectively
    Carefully inspect all documents related to your property
    Negotiate for you when it comes to submitting an offer
    With a pro by your side you save time, effort and avoid trouble